Vicky Cosstick


Vicky Cosstick is a consultant, facilitator, mediator and coach who works primarily with voluntary organisations and in the international aid and development sector.  She is based in E Sussex, between Brighton, Eastbourne and Lewes.


She has been working as a consultant and as a facilitator of small and large groups since 1980, specialising since 2002 in international development.


She responds to client needs to design extremely practical and engaging processes to support and implement change and learning in organisations.


Her technical expertise is in designing processes and agendas for teams with a wide range of country and technical programme experience.  She has worked intensively on projects in HIV and AIDS, gender, sustainable agriculture, civil society, advocacy, sex and gender based violence, and child rights, protection and participation.  She has worked with groups and programmes in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, DRC, and Uganda; Tamil Nadu, S India, and Cambodia.


Vicky has been influenced by a wide range of organisational practice and theory, including adult learning, gestalt and complexity theory.  While her work is always flexible and creative, it is rooted in proven, well-established traditions of group dynamics and organisational development.


Highlights of her career and professional education include:


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