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ChangeAware associate:

CAPS Msukwa, Malawi

Chimwemwe Anyelwishe Pharaoh Shumbashikalere (CAPS) MSUKWA


Considering the efforts and large amounts of resources in form of technology, knowledge, human, material and financial, both locally available and externally invested, I believe the lives of even the most vulnerable in our societies can change for the better. But somehow development work seems to bring about very little change if it does at all. Where is the missing link? It is probably easy to point a finger at the vulnerable masses as being change-proof. What about us the so called Change Agents?


My professional life is an ambitious Social Transformation Project aimed at bringing about Change at all levels – the vulnerable groups (intended beneficiaries of development work), the change agents, the project managers, the policy makers and those who provide the external resources. What can we do differently to bring about widespread Change so that the world provides a secure space for everyone?      


In this Social Transformation Project the primary role of CAPS Msukwa has been one of a Facilitator of ‘Conversation’ - to achieve critical joint analyses and consensus about the realities surrounding the vulnerable; to enable the stakeholders visualise the envisioned change and clearly define actors to bring about this change and their respective responsibilities; to critical and honest analyses of previous development actions. What has worked and why? What has not worked and why not? What can be done better in order to realise the envisioned change? To map organisational and interactional mechanisms that will enable the various actors,  particularly the most vulnerable including women to effectively participate in their change processes.


In addition the other roles that CAPS Msukwa has performed include:

 Trainer of development facilitators in facilitation skills and participatory extension methods.

 Concept development for community based management systems in the areas of natural resource management, water hygiene and sanitation, community policing, farmer associations and cooperatives,

 Development of mainstreaming concepts for cross-cutting issues such as HIV and AIDS, gender, and energy conservation in development work and violent conflict prevention.

 Research both quantitative and qualitative research in a wide range of fields including baseline studies and project evaluations


CAPS Msukwa holds the following academic qualifications

Currently in final stage of a Doctoral Degree in Development Studies (research focuses on traditional African methods for conflict transformation and prevention) University of the Western Cape in South Africa (2006 to 2011).

He holds an MSc in Agriculture Extension, Reading University UK, 1995 - 1996

Has a BSc in Agriculture University of Malawi Bunda College of Agriculture 1085 – 1990.


He has been in development practice in different capacities as community facilitator, project manager, advisor as well as consultant now for twenty years.


Some of his recent client organisations

GTZ – German Africa Border Project, Fair Programme in Malawi, Concern Universal, Mzuzu Coffee Planters Farmers’ Union, Lujeri Tea Estates Limited, Christian Aid, Malawi Government, Programme for Biomass Energy Conservation in Southern Africa.



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