Vicky Cosstick




• A network coordinator said:  "Vicky helped us reach mutual understanding around a challenging issue that emerged very early in the life of our Consortium.  This was a difficult and sensitive assignment, and she delivered the result we needed with finesse and professionalism."


• One CEO says:  “Vicky's guidance and support have transformed our approach to enabling our managers to deliver an extensive change programme. Her facilitation skills and experience shine through as she seamlessly navigates us through some challenging and complex discussions. As an individual coach and team facilitator Vicky has brought a breath of fresh air and really challenged my team’s thinking on how to address personal and organisational development.”    


• A senior manager said about a workshop on learning and change for a multi-cultural group in Nairobi:  “I personally appreciated Vicky's flexibility and expert knowledge of the subject ….  Vicky was professional throughout and contributed significantly to staff's awareness and knowledge of the subject matter.”


• The CEO of an NGO in which all staff attended the 2-day Facilitation Skills course said:  “it has had a profoundly significant effect on the organisation. We are now able to debate, take decisions and collaborate far more efficiently and to a higher level of understanding and creativity.”


• A team leader, following a team-building day: “We’ve put in place some of the action points that came out of the day –   and there’s a stronger sense of team spirit. The first exercise was great as we all learned things about each other we hadn’t known ….  Your gentle and encouraging facilitation was definitely key to helping make the day effective, I think everyone felt that it was a safe environment and so able to speak openly and I know that I came away feeling incredibly supported by my team, and that feeling has definitely continued since then”.  


• A long term client says:  “Vicky is a skilled facilitator and listener.  She knows a lot about non-violent communication and she is not afraid to take risks and expose problems. She has excellent communication skills even around extremely difficult conversations.  She has expertise in multiple areas, in particular, group facilitation, peer learning facilitation, non-violent communication, mediation and conflict resolution.”


• A CEO coaching client said after his first session:  “Just to say a huge thank you for yesterday. It was really useful. I had previously not thought that I could get so much from describing my feelings pictorially so the session, in this and every respect, was very insightful. I genuinely already feel I have a new energy today because I can see the things I need to do so much more clearly”.





Client Quotes