Vicky Cosstick



Vicky Cosstick is an experienced and highly effective executive and career coach who has had over 40 coaching clients since 2005 and works with


  • CEOs and senior managers to enhance leadership capacity

  • Managers who face crisis situations and turbulent change in their organisations

  • New team leaders who want to develop their management skills

  • Individual life and career coaching clients


Vicky’s approach is generally non-directive and flexible to meet the needs of the client.  She has advanced listening skills and helps clients to explore options and identify their preferred way forward in any given situation, to meet their own personal and professional goals, to identify their strengths, and practice new skills.


"Just to say thank you for yesterday. It was really useful and the session, in every respect, was very insightful. I genuinely already feel I have a new energy today because I can see the things I need to do so much more clearly."


A comment by a CEO after his first session; and after his second session, the same client wrote:


"Thanks for a good coaching session yesterday. I came away from the session quite tired but feeling like I'd really worked something through inside me."


Another client writes:

"Coaching sessions with Vicky were an invaluable experience for me, helping me gain confidence in my abilities and breaking down seemingly insurmountable problems and worries into manageable chunks to tackle one at a time. As a result of working with Vicky I went into a job interview feeling prepared and confident for the first time in my career and consequently was offered a fantastic new role. I still use some of the approaches I learnt with Vicky and find them very useful when things start getting stressful. I would highly recommend this process to anyone."