Vicky Cosstick



Vicky Cosstick designs and facilitates tailor-made, effective and creative processes for


  • Away days and teambuilding

  • Conferences

  • Strategic thinking and planning, including at board level

  • Conflict resolution

  • Longer series of team and organisation development interventions


All facilitation begins with intensive listening to the client to determine needs, appropriate processes and desired outcomes.


Vicky is highly skilled at engaging diverse groups in participative processes that will respond to client needs and deliver effective results.


She has also worked with senior and wider management teams over a period of time, combining coaching with team-building


All processes are evaluated and Vicky values building long term collaborative client relationships.


Participants in a recent session said  


“The Advocacy Working Group meeting was very well facilitated, it was well structured and coordinated – Vicky definitely helped us meet our objectives.”


“Vicky added some much needed momentum to the conversations we had over the two days. I found her knowledge of learning systems and experience of working within the international development sector very helpful.”  


“We’d be very happy to work with Vicky again in the future.”


Sean Lowrie, Director of the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies said of an assignment in December 2010:


"Vicky helped us reach mutual understanding around a challenging issue that emerged very early in the life of our Consortium.  This was a difficult and sensitive assignment, and she delivered the result we needed with finesse and professionalism".